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Victoria Libertore


"Victoria is a comic genius. Her work is smart, funny, and hilariously confronting. Victoria can read and engage a crowd with pinpoint accuity, you feel confronted but hilariously so, as she opens a portal through which we can all embrace our humanity on a deeper level, both our foibles and our aspirations. A writer who creates worlds in vivid color, creating and destroying them as her stories twist and turn. Victoria understands the human experience from a broad perspective, inviting you on a thrill ride through the near death experiences of life - literal and metaphorical!"
- Leigh Fondakowski, Co-creator & Head Writer
of The Laramie Project


I Want to Die One Day After You

This piece is inspired by the true story of Victor and Vivian. She was a child radio star in the 1920s and he was in love with her from the time that he was a little boy. They finally married in their 50s and had 30 wonderful years together. This is the story of how they lived and died. A story of grace.

Directed by Jennifer Tuttle.

This is My Last Attempt at Fame

A combination of storytelling, dance, music, poetry, humor, love letters, admissions, declarations and a little madcap fun. This solo piece constantly recognizes the passage of time. It explores the struggle between creativity and a desire for comfort that can be a threat to it. 

Directed by Jennifer Tuttle.

No Need For Seduction
Incapable of intimacy beyond pining for unavailable women and life beyond the whiskey bottle, our heroine has finally gotten her life together. She's on a trip of a lifetime in one of the most beautiful and exotic places in the world with an amazing woman, but she's about to sabotage this life beyond her wildest dreams. Part memoir, part study of pop culture and our society's obsession with the high of intrigue and having the life sucked out of us by the 'vampiric lover.' Powerful, profound and funny, No Need for Seduction reveals our darkest nooks and crannies as dangerous, necessary and liberating.

Directed by Leigh Fondakowski.

According to legend, Countess Elizabeth Bathory is the most prolific female serial killer in history. Drinking and bathing in the blood of her victims, she tortured and killed hundreds of women. Intrigued by this true story, solo performer Victoria Libertore channels Bathory's essence with intensity, a dose of insanity and a hint of camp. All the while exploring why as a society we find naked, twisted-up, bloodied bodies of women so damn fascinating.

Directed by Rosalie Purvis.

​My Journey of Decay
In her memoir piece, Libertore delves into her extensive dental work with her trademark humor, aplomb and sensuality. In addressing the audience and weaving movement through this work, she dives into the universal truths of teeth and mortality including the unexpected death of her mother. Libertore shares with us why she blames Alyssa Milano for all the decay in her mouth and how we're not alone in our quest for the perfect smile.

Directed by both Rosalie Purvis & Shelley Butler.

​The Should Dream
Conceived by Victoria and created in collaboration with Ryan Migge, invites you backstage as an old vaudevillian illuminates the secret life of show people. Victoria explores the underbelly of humanity through archetypal expression.

A coming-of-age memoir piece that journeys through obsessions with unavailable people. It's amazing how universal this story is. "Sometimes the best relationships are the ones where the other person doesn't know you exist."

Directed by Kimberly I. Kefgen and choreography by Ryan Migge.

Created and performed in collaboration Rebecca Feldman. Vaudeville with a modern twist. Rebecca and Victoria try their darndest to seduce you into an exploration of life, love and loss in this performance art/sketch comedy/ahead-of-its-time piece. Choreography by Ryan Migge.

Camille: The Forgotten Artist

The story of the prolific sculptor Camille Claudel. She was a woman making art in a time when women were rarely given permission to do so. She fell in love with August Rodin and their relationship became explosive. This show focuses on the almost 40 years that she lived in an insane asylum simply because she didn't fit into society's box of what a woman was supposed to be.

Directed by Sara Laudonia.

Liza Emcees

An impersonation that captures the essence of the great Liza Minnelli with all of her bravado, decadence and a little bit of the diva. Victoria is a master at improvising with the audience and making any engagement, party, event unforgettable when she hosts. People have said their faces hurt from laughing so hard.

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