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Victoria's writing is inspired by her travels, other cultures, hidden desires, seduction, cleaning out the cat litter, communing with the unseen, her walks, the moon, the mystery, the mundane and the people & animals in her life. She has written two screenplays: Until Found Again and GIRL MEAT, which was created in collaboration with Ryan Kipp. She's also written a pilot entitled Mystery Castle. Victoria has written eight solo shows for performance, several short plays and poetry. She is currently working on a nonfiction book entitled Should I Do My Laundry or Crawl into an Open Grave: A Guide for Living an Intuitive Life.

Once you dreamed of fame.

Then life settled in on you.

This is much better.

- from This is My Last Attempt at Fame

​​Please contact Victoria for more info about her writing.

Photos above are by Victoria Libertore

©2024 by Victoria Libertore

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