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Some kind words:

"There is something about Victoria Libertore's one-woman show No Need For Seduction that strikes you. Perhaps it's Libertore's candid storytelling style . . . whatever the reason, it stays with you, and I think that is exactly the point. . . Libertore is a very capable storyteller, and the monologue format suits her well. There are times where you feel as if you are a guest at a fantastical dinner party, listening to her sweeping tale."
- GOMAG.COM Theater Review: by Dana Piccoli

"She's a smart, gifted performer, confident in voice, timing, and movement in space, an actress with the wiliness of a shaman in the underworld and the surefootedness of a goat on a thin ledge."
- Eva Yaa Asantewaa, InfiniteBody

"The woman's eye is on the ball. Her objective is to tell an important, moving and entertaining story . . . she behaves with the class and gravity and self-assurance of a stage veteran. She already seems like a giant to me, though I get the sense that she is also at the beginning stages of a journey that will make her even more of one."
- TRAVALANCH Theater Review: No Need for Seduction by Trav S.D.


"Victoria Libertore has also really honed her skills; I Want to Die One Day After You is masterful. It is storytelling plus; a solo play; or any description that means "moving and effective performance." She uses music well, too; Leonard Cohen and George and Ira Gershwin are good choices for a love story that began several generations ago." Quinn Batson, OffOffOff Dance Review

"On any given night of the week you may find her in some darkened theater commanding the stage with all the raw power of a goddess, or a queen. Sometimes she's a masochist. Sometimes she's a crone. At all times she is in absolute control." -24/Seven Magazine

My Journey of Decay brings you on a journey into the depths of human fragility and strength told through a fully embodied character that can make you laugh and cry at the same time."
-Karen Bernard, Director of New Dance Alliance

"Victoria Libertore is a darkly humorous performance artist" - The New Yorker

"Victoria is a local comic vet." -Time Out New York

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