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Leonora Carrington_edited.jpg

Image by Leonara Carrington

To me, the performing artist does the work of the shaman. If we go back to the archetypal description of the shaman, they are facilitating the movement of energy between the seen and unseen with the purpose of healing. Live performance at its best changes us, stays with us, invites new perspectives and connects us to other worlds. Sometimes this connection is the worlds within us - abandoned parts of ourselves that we need to reclaim. The solo performer has a special role within the scope of live performance. There is an intimacy with the audience through direct interaction. Eye to eye. Heart to heart. I carry the mantle of the solo performer with a kind of reverence for the possibility of what can transpire between the audience and myself.  

I explore the breadth and depth of archetypal energies we each carry. Using original text inspired by real-life events with movement sprinkled through, my performance work weaves humor and sorrow into a pleasurable web over the audience. My intention is to delight, entertain, surprise and connect. My hope is that each person who receives the work feels a little less alone and a little more seen.

©2024 by Victoria Libertore

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